About Us


  • To help and advise Haringey Mobility & Seating Solution Centre ( HM&SSC )to constantly improve the service by providing recommendations and suggestions.

  • To assist HM&SSC in securing adequate resources to carry out its role and function.

  • To provide advice relating to wheelchairs to users and purchasers.

  • To be involved in setting eligibility criteria.

  • To work jointly with HM&SSC on specific projects.

  • To raise the profile of Haringey Wheelchair User Group and to apply for funding in order to facilitate any projects which the members of the User Group believes will help other wheelchair users.

The aims will be achieved through the following activities:

  1. Members attending meetings of the User Group and other community groups.

  2. Organising events for the benefit of wheelchair users in the community.

  3. Assisting with physiotherapy student’s education.


  • 5-6 Wheelchair user’s. These should ideally be independent users who do not form any part of an organisation.

  • 5-6 Parents/Carers of wheelchair user’s.

  • 1-2 Representatives from Winkfield Resource Centre.

  • 2-3 Representatives from other related groups including Age Concern.

  • HM&SSC Manager.

  • Physiotherapy Manager.



The group is to be chaired by a member of the group, but not personnel from the Trust or HM&SSC.

The membership should include a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer for the efficient conduct of business.

The User Group should meet a minimum 3 times a year, with additional meetings to be arranged if required. Meetings should not exceed 2hrs and all representatives must be ideally available for the full 2hrs. The agenda will be open to all members for contribution and/or ideas. Agenda items are to be sent to the Secretary two weeks prior to the next meeting. Minutes of a meeting should be sent to all members as soon as practically possible, or within three weeks. Members of the User Group should be fully committed to the actions generally agreed by the majority of the group and these actions should be implemented before the next meeting.

At the Annual General Meeting, which will be open to the public, the group shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting. Each member who is interested in a position should either be nominated by another member of the group or they can self nominate. Only those members that have been attending meetings for a period of not less than twelve months will be eligible to stand for a position within the group. On there being multiple applicants there will be a vote by all User Group members present and the person with the most votes will be elected. The election of a member should only take place if the person is present at the Annual General Meeting or send apologies to the meeting, expressing a wish to be nominated in writing to the existing Chairperson before the meeting.

New members who are interested in joining the group should be nominated by another member. A vote would then be held whereby the majority would secure or prevent inclusion. The group may, with for good and sufficient reason, terminate the membership of any individual provided the individual is informed of the reason for termination by the Chair, and that the vote represents two thirds of the members present. There is no right of appeal for this process. The group may authorise the attendance of any individual or representative of any agency or organisation at meetings if their attendance would assist in the conduct of business and support activity to tackle local issues.


The Haringey Wheelchair User Group is a voluntary, non-statutory body. The members must be mindful that it serves a very diverse set of communities and that it has a commitment to equal opportunities. Members will ensure that it is inclusive in its approach to tackling community issues by:

Promoting equality of opportunity for all community groups to be represented, irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Promoting equality of opportunity for all individuals to be represented irrespective of age, race, sexual orientation, disability or gender identity.