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Welcome to the Haringey Wheelchair User Group website

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A warm welcome to the Haringey Wheelchair User Group website. We hope you will get as much enjoyment out of the details contained on this site as we had in both setting up the site and managing the content.

The user group started during the early 1990’s. We are a group of people who use the services of Haringeys Mobility & Seating Solution Centre (HM&SSC). Through the centre we access our respective wheelchairs and associated seating accessories.

The mission of the Wheelchair User Group is to act as a forum for communications and discussion between wheelchair users, HM&SSC and other community groups and services. The members of the group will disseminate information gathered to wheelchair users in the community and feed information from the community back to the relevant groups and services. The group will act as a resource for the wider community regarding insight into living as a disabled person.

HM&SSC is based at 3 Edwards Drive, Gordon Road, Bounds Green, London N11 2HD. This is where we hold our meetings.  We hold quarterly meetings and new members are always welcome, but only by prior agreement with the Chair.  Please visit our previous minutes page to see the business of the meeting.  We would welcome feedback from Haringey residents both about their experience of using the HM&SSC and their experience of using this website. Please see our contact page for details of how to get in touch.